Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dance lightly with life-Finished painting

Dear all,

Yes, I decided to delete the previous page on the same subject and replace it with this updated version. Some how the first one was posted unintentionally, and the problem is that because most of the time I write spontaneously, I tend to make mistakes, so I ended up having the latest version on 'draft' and the old one 'posted'... :-)  Sorry guys, it is not my intention to confuse you, or bore you, but to keep you entertained, amused, inspired and give you some thought provoking on the way...  Anyway, hopefully you will like this page better... :-)

I am not sure if I have mentioned this quote before, but I just need it to mention it again, as I identify so much with it: 

An artist never really finishes his work; he merely abandons it.
(Paul Valéry)

I know you remember this sketch:

Here is the finish result. or should I say, here is the abandon piece of work. I can assure you that I could have been going on and on and on at it , adding more color here and more color there, and a bit more splash here and more drops there.... ufffff!... Sometimes, I find so difficult to put the color pencil down, don't you?..

Enjoy and lets keep dancing lightly with life.... 

Dance Lightly With Life:
Today is your day to
dance lightly with life,
sing wild songs of adventure,
soar your spirit,
unfurl your joy.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie-

Here is one of my 'work in progress' watercolor pieces, still on my sketch book...


I hope you like it, and keeps you motivated and inspired in whatever is that you like doing most...

Love and light always..xx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Yes, I AM

Oooohhh! Dear readers, it gives me a great joy to share with you one of my latest discoveries in my journey of awakening consciousness... 

So many years asking myself how can I make a difference in this world... so many years searching for guidance and understanding of life's purpose... Learning about possibilities, destiny and how we create our reality; and just like that,  I came across the following Dr. Sue Morter's clip. 

Dr. Sue has an incredible presence; she is a radiant being and delightful to listen to. I find her passion and way of explaining and delivering knowledge very uplifting, invigorating and enchanting. This is a very high-energy presentation and I hope you find its content as empowering as I did. 

I wrote the script of this clip for you, so you can read it as many times as you need. This morning I read it while sitting on the train in my way to work and my day took another dimension..

Yes, I AM - (Clip 1)

I’ve always wondered how in the world
is it possible for me to make a difference in the world,
but we live in a holographic universe,
everything that exists exist within you
when you change the vibrational frequency
of your immediate environment there's a ripple effect.
You know the laws of resonance:
If there's a guitar in this side of the room and
a guitar in this side of the room and
they are tuned to each other
(and all human beings are attuned to one another);
if you plug the ‘g’ string on this guitar, the ‘g’ string on this guitar vibrates.
When you chose to say Yes, I AM,
Yes, I DO carry the full potential of human capacity,
I DO carry the full potential of the Divine capacity and,
I AM the place where the two meet
When I AM willing to grasp that,
and move into transformation
There's a sigh of relief !!!!

Writing this post has brought me back memories of a previous post titled 'embracing change', which I wrote around my birthday in February... It is funny how recalling feelings of a few weeks back makes you reflect in the fact that we are organic beings and we change every day, and therefore our feelings too... What one day meant so much to us, another day meant so little..  I keep learning every day, and enjoying this path of self-discovery, spiritual and personal growth, and this keep me happy all the time however bad moments I may have had, they remain in the past... I try to live in the now, and in this very moment, in this very second, I feel very happy... There are lots of people out there like Dr. Sue Morter,  who keeps me focused it what really matters...

This is the finished piece posted on 'embracing change'. Since it came so natural to talk about it; I thought  it feels right for this post also. I hope you like it.

Please don't forget to watch the following two clips here below from Dr. Sue Morter, they are so full of essence.  

Yes, I AM - (Clip 2)

Yes, I AM - (Clip 3)

Lots of love..x