Thursday, 30 May 2013

Too long without writing...

Hello my dear bloggers... It has been a long time since I have written a single word, and I really apologise for it, I can assure you that I really missed it..

Life has been pritty hectic lately and when I had the time to write, I didn't have the means of writing and vice versa, when I had the means of writing I didn't have the time... "Así es la vida"... C'est la vie"..

There are times when one finds very difficult to cope with so many demanding situations in our everyday life. We all know how intense and stressful can be getting our infants to the nursery or school, whatever the case may be... Running to the train because we know we are very late for work... The day at the office is really busy, too many meetings, too many documents to process.. etc., Its 5.30 and I run to the train station again to be on time to collect my child from the nursery.. and in our way home I keep negotiating, talking, singing and dealing with my son to make the journey as smooth as possible... I arrive home and I keep playing, teaching and interacting intesively until dinner time.., bath time, and sleeping time... 9.30, 10 or even 10.30pm in the night... yes, this is usually the time my son (I love him!) surrenders for the day... Then, I keep tyding up and preparing staff that will aid me on the following morning... Its 11pm, and I am exhusted...arrrrggghhhhhhh.... I want to paint, I want to write, I want to read, I just want a lttle time for myself...  Its 6.45am the following day and here we go again... Some days, like today, my eyelids are so heavy, I can hardly open my eyes..
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein

Yes, we must keep moving...and that is exacly what I am trying to do...I keep moving however slow...hahahahahaha...

This talking reminds me of something.. Do you remember this picture?  It is a magic tree (as I call it!) my son and I pass every day on our way to the nursery. I posted some time ago..

I managed to take a little video on my phone to show you the inside (please see below). There are alwasy toys and little things for kids inside the tree. The family who lives at no. 5, the house oposite the tree, keeps making sure there is always something inside the tree so every time a child opens the door, there are no disappintments.. What a gesture!.. Isn't it marvellous?.. It must be such a loving magical... Estoy segura!.. :-) :-)


Yeesssssss.... I cannot leave you without sharing some art...  A little 'ongoing', painting, based on my son's funny faces.. It's still on my little sketch book, but I would like to develop it into something, one day.....hahahahaha..

Thanks for continuing reading... Gracias a todos por seguir leyendo...

Love and light always..xx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Earth Day - A late A5 Drawing Contribution

(A delayed post, but better late than never.. I started to write it on the day, but my life was so hectic at the time, I never got to post it... So sorry!)

The 22nd of April was the Earth Day and I liked the Google's animation doodle showing the cycle of seasons represented by the rising and falling sun and moon. I thought it was very cute. Didn't you?

Every year this date is being held to bring awareness to humanity of all the environmental issues, and apparently (according to the newspapers), more than one billion people in the world participates in activities, with planting trees being one of the most popular ways of support. I find planting trees very healing, soothing and nurturing, not only towards earth but towards the soul also; its an exchange of positive and loving energies in a caring act of creation….

Since I did not have the means of planting a tree I felt I wanted to draw something (a face, of course!)...  

I was inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of lovebeauty, pleasure, and procreation, because this is exactly the way I like to think of Mother Earth...

As usually, I did not finish it, but I could not delay this post any longer... :-)  :-)