Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Just by definition Reassurance means restoring someone's confidence...mmmmm.... Isn't this just what we all need to have every now and then? Specially for those (like me) who are just starting to make it out there, in the art world...

I find very inspirational to follow the wonderful work of so many artists in the net... It's also incredibly motivational to read some of their stories.. One can identify with all of them in so many aspects. I know, they all have contributed with my strength to be here now, writing about my thoughts and my journey.. In one of my previous posts I already mentioned to you about Kelly Rae Roberts, who, many of you probably know quite well, but I would also like to mention to you a couple of two more artists who have also touched my soul: Tamara Laporte and Wyanne; I am sure most of you are also familiar with them because they have been sharing their work for many years now, but for me it has been a total discovery in the last year or so..

Reassurance... mmmmmm... A resonance word with authority, don't you think?.. and if you listen carefully to its tone when this word is being pronounced, it sounds very deep, quite firm, and solid... It makes me reflect on the degree of needing  to be assured of something,  and how often and why we need to be reasured so much in our lifes in general, work, relationships..etc., you name it...  

Maybe we should look more inside ourselves and realise that we are valuable and wonderful beings from the very moment we were born, so we won't depend so much on having to be reassured... We should all have the total convinction of the fact that we are worth it..

The painting/drawing here was my way of materialising the word 'Reassurance'.  I find her expression very settled, intensive, but at the same time extremely soothing ... Can you hear her whispering to you?

This painting reassures me of the certainty that there is room for everybody out there, that my art, and your art, can still reach peoples hearts, that I just need to be patient..., my success is floating in the Universe waiting for the right vibrational wave...

Thank you all for reading...

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Always be happy

Next Wednesday I will be going on holidays for almost four weeks.... juuuuupiiiiiii.... I will not have access to a computer so I will not be able to write to you, but I hope that I will have the intuition and the time to produce at least one painting to share with you all in my return...

My holidays in Spain are usually very hectic, because I am always sorrounding by all the family, and this is not the way I envisage 'holidays'... :-)... However, this year is very special because my mother will be 85 years old in August, and she just cannot wait to see my son, Saul, and spend all the time with us; bless her, she is just such a loving and giving mother. Her energy levels are so high that being around her all day can be very tiring...(I hope my aura does no get compressed too much...aggrrrrrhhhhhh!!!)... :-) :-) 

However, it is a great opportunity to practise giving myself permission to be happy at all times, whatever the circumstances..

About a month of so I created this painting which I called  'Remember'. I still feel enchanted by the piercing eyes  and the intense expression of her look.. Looking at her face is like a constant reminder of one of the most important, and probably most difficult, things to achieve in this life:  BEING HAPPY.  Most of us were wrongly thought that life was a constant struggle, full of suffering and not much laughter.. So we grew up accepting this wrong believe, and in turn creating a reality which matched exacly thouse thoughts and believes. Thankfully, some of us learnt very quickly that, on the contrary, we are here in this plane to be happy and joyful, that life is very beautiful and is there waiting to be lived. We must thrive for happyness however difficult...

Making art is a great way to lift your energy, and to work through other issues that may be stopping you from experiencing the joy of 'being happy'. We must remember who we are, knowing that we are all love and light and that we must strive for happyness, but remember that happyness begin within oneself...

Friday, 20 July 2012

An opened door

Oh! dear me, another late night..

Like most of mothers and artists out there, we know that when the household is sleeping, that is the only real free time for ourselves, so here I am, writing to you after having been painting and drawing for a while.. Mmmmm..

Painting, drawing, staring at the paper awaiting to be guided from the energy within, the pure energy that we all are.. Most of the time when I paint is just like playing with my favourites toys... Ooooh! this brings memories of my childhood, at bed time when I ussed to be looking at cartoons and trying to draw some of the characters before turning the lights off... Oh!, I really used to love those playful and presious 'momentos'.. This brings into mind an inspirational quote from someone called: Abraham Maslow-"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play".  If only someone would have told me these words back then.... Suddenly a negative thought comes to mind: am I too late persuing what I always wanted to do: painting and painting and making it work??....aaaah!I have to sigh, and breath very deeply, breathhhh..to stop this negative thought...  (In those days, even being one of the best pupils in the subject, drawing and painting was not something you would make a carrear of it....I have to sigh again!!).. The reallity is that we all are where we are, there is no point in going  back to the past, is the present that counts, THE NOW.... We create our reality, therefore I am here now, as I am, beginning my painting journey and believing that doors will open, and the fact that many of you are reading my words, that is already an door opened .. :-)..:-).. So, thank you all.. sweet dreams!!

(P.S. A cousin of mine asked me to sketch an opened door for her. The above image is what I painted using one piece of paper with her writing notes... While finishing the sketch, I was overwhelmed with feelings of a better future, hope, unlimited possibilities, kindness, unconditional love, timeless souls, infinite minds, expanded awareness..)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mindfulness - Watercolour and Ink

I created this intuitive painting last week. I have always liked to paint faces, although in my only exhibition ever the theme was figurative pastels (see the video posted at the begining of the blog). Those paintings were produced a few years ago, when I used to practise Yoga (I had more free time then!). I enjoyed every single practise of Yoga, feeling totally energised and at the same time very soothing at all levels, with a feeling of 'floating on air' ... Yoga helped me to understand the importance of the unison of  mind, body and spirit, to achieve inner peace and welbeing.., and since 'our body is our temple' the figures expressed in my colourful pastels, begun to reflect just that; a balance, a unison, a moment of reflexion, harmony, reaching for the sky, opening to the universe, thinking towards awakening our consiousness...

This year, 2012, has brought a new energy and I feel it has lifted my vibration and for some reason 'faces' in watercolour and semi monocrone are the desired choice of my pencil... :-)...:-)  (but I still enjoy painting figures in pastels!)

I named the painting bellow 'Mindfulness'..  Please, take your time to look at it and let yourself feel the stillness, the focus and the serenity of its expression.. Allow yourself to be taken wherever you might need to go.. Practise mindfulness while looking at this painting... Breath a few times slowly and deeply, letting go, keep looking at the painting, and be very present, go within... and... just be... Enjoy the exercise and thank you again for reading these words...
Sorry about the mark on her chick,  is a reflection on the glass. I never noticed it when taking the picture, so sorry!.  Thanks again..

Thank you viewers..

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to those 12 viewers who looked at my, still 'taking off the ground', blog.. I was shockingly surprised to see the number of people who read my words, as I was not expecting any at all.. So, once again, thanks.. You have gave me motivation and have uplifted my energy to continue walking in this direction..

Last night I was watching 'The Celestine Prophecy', I don't know if any of you have seen it. I read the book (by James Redfield) many many years ago and I was mesmerised with its content, as it made so much sense to me, to my soul. I realised there and then that my 'self-development' journey has just begun as synchronicities and conincidences were taking place ever so often.. As soon as the film came available I purchased it and kept it in a drawer. Well, how many years ago was that? So many I can hardly remember.. and meanwhile, my life has been passing at incrediable speed (between moving houses a few times, going through major building works in the new places, working full time in an office, and... having a baby.. uuuuaaaauu!... I had and still am enjoying motherhood every second of the day for the last 3 years. Since Saul came to this world life has taken another dimension.. and now I have more reasons to expand my consciousness and keep 'connected to the source' (as I call it), yes, 'connected to the source', don't you find these two words very profound and powerful??, I certainly do, and because of it I've kept searching, reading and always towards the self-developmente and self-dicovery path, allowing the child within me to come to the surface as often as possible... All the inner child wants to do is playing most all the time, just like all the children.. Certainly, my inner child has contributed in convincing me to begin writing to you and enjoy playing with this tool... So, following the first line of my second paragraph, last night out of the blue, searching for colour pencils in one of the boxes (still unpacked from the previous home!), I found the DVD of 'The Celestine Prophecy', what a wonderful surprise.. Yes, of course, had to watch it.. Such a profound film.. I had tears running down my cheeks and joy at the same time... I listen careful to the nine insights that a long time ago touched my soul and sent me in my journey of awakening and 'connecting to the source'... :-).. The watercolour and ink below is one of my recent intuitive paintings.. I hope you like it..

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Last night...

I totally fail in my attempt to show you the only YouTube video I have of some of the work I've done in the past. Today at work (unfortunately I have to work for a living :-) and I do not have enough time to dedicate to what I love the most: Painting)I found a free moment (this very moment)to look at what I posted last night and I just realised that the video was not there, just the url... :-( Please be patient with me finding my way around this blogging activity :-) I will be making lots of mistakes.. Anyway, I foudn my away around it and the video is not posted, I hope you like it..

Figurative Pastels

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I am finally starting a blog....

My very second attempt to start blogging. I have totally forgotten that I have subscribed before, about a year ago... I guess I must have freeze at the idea of exposing myself to the virtual world out there...(I am still shy and fearful about it!!!).. OK.. I am breathing... Deeply... I am feeling the fear and typing anyway... Sorry, I must breath again... Today I was reading a very inspirational staff from Kelly Rae Roberts who has just gave me the strength to do what I am doing right now.. Thanks Kelly, your story is just amazingly uplifting.. 01.04am in London, I must try to sleep now... I leave you with this little video of some of my paintings, feel free to comment.. Sweet dreams! Glo.x http://m.youtube.com/?reload=2&rdm=m6pdys5iq#/user/glolettinggo?client=mv-google